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Five years ago if you had told me where I would be now, I guarantee I would have laughed in your face. Back then I knew next to nothing about goats, only that I had loved them. Even when Eric and I moved in together, raising livestock had never crossed my mind. Eric teased about buying a couple cows and hogs and raising our own meat but I had never been excited about the prospect of owning livestock... that was until Eric purchased twin doelings as a wedding gift for me.

These two sweet precious girls had me head over heels in no time flat. Owning goats had been a quiet dream of mine ever since I was 15 and spent hours sitting in my best friends goat pen. These two beautiful little doelings were the beginning of my dream come true! Unfortunately... due to genetic defect, we lost our girls shortly after bringing them home. In the time following their passing, we learned the hard way about the importance of being knowledgeable about the animals you care for, being selective in the farms you purchase from, and that a mentor is the number one best tool to have in your pocket. 

I hope that this doesn't discourage you from purchasing that pig or goat or llama or chicken, in fact I hope to do the opposite- do it! By all means do it. I would go back and buy those girls 100 times over again. The reason is in the countless lessons they taught me. It is in the relationships I was able to form in the days, weeks, and months following - simply because we shared a love of goats. It is also in the fact that I now have a knowledgeable veterinarian that I know I can rely on. Those girls led me to where we are now and for that I will always be incredibly grateful.

Farming can be incredibly difficult and raising animals and proper animal husbandry can be trying at times, but please, by all means... do it. Do it and do it and do it again, buy the goat. Buy the cow. Buy the pig. Learn all that you can about them, learn what their needs are, learn the best ways to care for them - find someone to guide you (and ask all the questions!).

In the end you will find that you will always have more love to share.


Our son, Lucas with Oreo (left) and Button (right), our twins.


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