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Crescent Ranch is a family-run farm sitting on 2.5 acres in beautiful Northern California. We started with just a handful of chickens and you know what they say about chickens... they're the gateway drug to farming. We graduated to our first pair of nigerian dwarf goats in April of 2019 and our herd has been growing ever since. 

Our life here on the farm isn't perfect- it is filled with love and yes, sometimes there is loss, but we wouldn't trade this crazy life for the world. We get to love on all of these amazing creatures every day and even more than that, we have made some incredible friends and connections in our community. I will be the first to tell you that there is nothing more amazing than watching a doe kid [give birth] for the very first time or funnier than watching a new kid bouncing around the room. For every one reason to cry, there are ten reasons  to laugh, to smile, or to say "hey you, quit that!".  It's in these experiences that we have learned more about what farming means than any book ever could.

And so when you buy from us here at Crescent Ranch, whether it's a pig or a goat or even chickens, we vow to share all of this knowledge with you to help you be as successful as possible. We vow to provide you with guidance whether it is your first time giving shots, you have a question about why your goat or pig is doing something, or even giving a recommendation for another farm when we don't have what you are looking for. We promise to always be 100% authentic in all that we do and to do our best in providing you with the support you need so that you may be successful in your farming adventures. When you purchase from us (and even when you don't), you will always have a friend here at our ranch. 

If you'd like to schedule a visit to come on down and see the farm for yourself or if you'd like come make some soap with us or even if you just want to chat, send us a message and we will be happy to help.

Until then, happy farming!




We believe in letting our animals live the most natural and free lives possible. We supplement our chicken's dietary needs with an organic layer feed, but beyond that we choose to let them roam about our property. Our chickens are provided with several sources of fresh, clean water across our property as well as with a large coop fitted with several nesting boxes. The two breeds we currently keep at Crescent Ranch are Barred Rocks and Salmon Faverolles. Barred Rocks we have found to be an excellent laying breed as well as a more docile, more friendly breed. We get eggs every day from these girls!
Salmon Faverolles on the other hand are a french heritage breed listed as threatened by the Livestock Conservancy. These girls lay about four eggs per week in comparison to the Barred Rock's 6-7. The Salmon Faverolles are also an extremely friendly and docile bird and with those fluffy cheeks, it's hard not to love them! We currently keep a Salmon Faverolle rooster as well to hopefully do our small part in helping to preserve this beautiful bird. If you are local to Northern California, feel free to message us about hatching eggs OR just some good ol' eggs for breakfast!




Red Bluff, CA 96080
Eric & Alanna Renstrom

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