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We always strive to keep our herd clean and in practicing good bio-security, we quarantine new animals for 30 days so that we can run a fecal and to test for the following diseases: Johne's, CL, and CAE. As of the end of 2021, we have added Brucellosis and Q Fever as well.

All animals over one year are tested. Animals under one year are not tested until after their first birthday.

*to cut down on bulk costs, we will be testing portions of the herd at a time until the entire herd has been tested, bulk testing documents will be updated as more of the herd is retested. Since we retest animals that are being sold, the results listed below include animals that are no longer on the property. Animals that were tested more than twice in one year were not redone for any specific reason other than sometimes I am forgetful and can't remember who has been tested already. I have condensed any testing results received for the entire year for the following years:

2020 Results

​2021 Results

2022 Results

2023 Results

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Q Fever


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