Cascade Valley TD Apollo's Bow *B

**DNA on file**

D: Miniprints Juna 3*M (88 VVEV)
DD:  Fairlea Min Freyia 2*M, ( 90 VEEE)
DDD: ARMCH Fairlea Troy *D 1*M  (91 EEEV)
DDS: Fairlea Siegfried +B

DS: CRF Castle Rock Tiger Moon +*B
DSD: SGCH AGS Castle Rock Once Ina Blue Moon 2*D 1*M (86 VVEV)
DSS: The Rosasharn TL Sitka Spruce ++*B +*S


S: Stayawhile B Tactical Decision *B

SD: SG Hidden Gems GK Southern Charm 2*M (91 EEEV)
SDD: SG Elfin Acres Poppy 1*M (86EEE+)

SDS: SG  Rosasharn SH Guyku *+B (90 VEE)

SS: Stayawhile CR I Got Your Black *B
SSD: Rosasharn RS B-Licious 5*M (85 VV+V)

SSS: SG Dill's BJ Curiouser +*B (88 VVV) ELITE

Photos of Miniprints Juna courtesy of Cascade Valley Heritage Farm

Photo of Stayawhile B Tactical Decision *B courtesy of Cascade Valley Heritage Farm

Photo of Southern Charm and her udder are courtesy of Stayawhile Farm


Where to begin with young Apollo? Even at a few days old, his brisket extension was eye catching and he had fantastic rear leg angulation. As he has grown, Apollo has developed a great deal of depth, maintained that beautiful brisket and rear leg angulation and also developed a lovely width throughout. Apollo also has a beautiful uphill topline that blends smoothly from neck to withers to his pin bones. Combined with the beautiful attachments of his dams udder, we honestly cannot wait to see all the things this gorgeous young buck will do for our little herd! 

2020-12-02 (2).png