Crescent Ranch AB Beira

Kidding History:
DHI History:

Photos of Miniprints Juna and Apollo's littermate sister Felicitas are courtesy of Cascade Valley Heritage Farm

DDD: AGS Castle Rock Snowfluryceanothus
DD: SGCH AGS CRF Castle Rock Blizzard 1*M (VEEE 91)

DDS: AGS Lost Valley KW Stetson *B

D: Castle Rock Firn 2*M VVEE 90

DSD: GCH CRF Castle Rock Moon River 2*M (91 EEEE)

DS: Castle Rock Moonraker +*B

DSS: SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage +*B

SDD:  Fairlea Min Freyia 2*M, ( 90 VEEE)

SD: Miniprints Juna 3*M (88 VVEV)

SDS: CRF Castle Rock Tiger Moon +*B

S: Cascade Valley TD Apollo's Bow *B VVV86

SSD: SG Hidden Gems GK Southern Charm 2*M (91 EEEV)

SS: Stayawhile B Tactical Decision *B

SSS: Stayawhile CR I Got Your Black *B

Appraisal History:
Retained Progeny:

Photo of Firn courtesy of Oak Apple Farm and udder photo courtesy of Twin Pears Farm LLC, photo of Blizzard courtesy of Castle Rock.