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Stayawhile  FIN Ancient Fable 2*M

ADGA ID: 2003072
DOB: 2/28/2019

Kidding History:

**DNA on file**

DHI History:

DDD: SG Gladdie Acres MTB Doe Ci Do (88 VEVE)

DD: Goat-Er-Done CC Cha Cha Cha

D: SG The TMS Bedtime Story 1*M ELITE (87 VEEV)

DDS: Proctor Hill Farm Cajun Chief

DSD: Windy Gorge The Dance 1*M (86 VVVV)

DS: Windy Gorge HJ That's My Story *B

DSS: GCH Almar Acres O Leroy Jethro G +*B (90 EEE)

SDD: Hidden Gems PCS Flower

SS: Minterbay HK Koji +*B

SDS: SG Rosasharn SH Guyku +*B (90 VEE)

S: SG Stayawhile KJ Finale +*B

SSD: SG Minterbay EI Elipse 3*M (91 EEEE)

SD: SGCH Stayawhile GK Takara 1*M (90 VEEV)

SSS: Stayawhile GK Hiraku *B

Appraisal History:
Retained Progeny:
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