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Our Girls

**We will be on milk test for the 2023-2024 Fall-Spring Kidding Season**

Does are listed in order of age and the number freshening they are will be listed in each does respective boxes. Udder photos for first fresheners will be posted in the upcoming kidding season, all doe pictures are typically updated in the Spring. 

Crescent Ranch California Gold


DOB: 8/18/21
1st Freshener in 2024

D: Circle C Farm Bit O Honey 4*M VEVV 88 ELITE
DD: Diji Farm FC Lil' Miss Sumpn' 3*M EEEV 89
     DS: Stayawhile HC Cruz Control *B VEE 88

S: Springwater AL Phar Fignewton *B
   SD: SG Springwater SMKY Katie Kaboom 6*M ( 86 +VVV)
    SS: SG Sugar Moon NS Alejandro +*B ELITE

Joshua Farm Spotted Ivy


DOB: 4/7/22

1st Freshener in 2024

D: Saint M's FF Blue Ivy EEVV 87
   DD: Saint Modestus' Isabella
DS: Clarion Final Frontier

S: The Padilla Kids Reba's Galaxy VVV 87
   SD: The Newn Rosie's Reba
SS: Clarion Solataire's Blackjack

Ashabi Farms Polka Dot (here on lease)


DOB: 5/28/22

1st Freshener in 2024
D: Ashabi Farms Mythic Scar
   DD: Miniprints Pompeii
     DS: Sofie's Cosmos N S Leo

S: Goat Addiction Swift Knight *B

   SD: Dill's BJ Quirky 4*M EEEE 91
   SS: Old Mountain Farm Swift Elk +*B

Crescent Ranch A Long Story (AI)


DOB: 1/5/23

1st Freshener in 2024
D: Stayawhile FIN Ancient Fable 2*M VVEE 90
 DD: SG The TMS Bedtime Story 1*M ELITE VEEV 87
       DS: SG Stayawhile KJ Finale +*B

S: Better Wayz Augustus *B

   SD:  SG Better Wayz Harmony Carabear 3*M EEEE 92 ELITE
                    (Nigerian Dwarf butterfat record holder)
      SS:  Phoenix Farm Vanilla Ice +B

Stars Alight Forever Yours


DOB: 2/24/23

1st Freshener in 2024

D: Blackrose Journey *M V+EV 86
   DD: Werbelow's Pretty Reckless

   DS: Sierra Aspen O Sky Marshal *B

S: Winning Streak R Nightshade
   SD: Winning Streak CM Marigold 6*M VEEV 89 
   SS: CH Winning Streak O Remarkable *B

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