First Fresheners

**All does will be on milk test for the 2021/2022 Fall-Spring Kidding Season**

Udder photos will be posted in the upcoming kidding season. 

La Vita E Dolce Espresso


D: 3G Family Farms Porche

S: 3G Family Farms WM Sugar Daddy *B

Goat Addiction Chocolatini

194988617_512124583571134_7617366925976762326_n (1).jpg

D: Goat Addiction ChocolateMimosa (VEEE 90)

S: Goat Addiction  Double Take *B

Crescent Ranch SMKY Kismet


D: Stayawhile CC Happy Ever After 8*M

S: Springwater HKY Pack A Day +*B (VEE 87)

Twin Pears SMKY
Lucky Stripe


D: Oak Apple Lily Pons 2*M (EEEV 90)

S: Springwater HKY Pack A Day +*B (VEE 87)