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Joshua Farm Spotted Ivy

ADGA ID: N2251807
DOB: 4/07/2022

G6S Negative By Parentage

D: Saint M's FF Blue Ivy EEVV 87
   DD: Saint Modestus' Isabella
      DDD: Withrow's Lucky Esme

      DDS: Saint Modestus' Pluto

   DS: Clarion Final Frontier

      DSD: Pella's Triple C Final Anthem

      DSS: Redwood Hills True Dat

S: The Padilla Kids Reba's Galaxy VVV 87
   SD: The Newn Rosie's Reba
      SDD: Saint Modestus' Rosie Dawn

      SDS: The Eager Beaver

   SS: Clarion Solataire's Blackjack

      SSD: Pella's Triple C Solataire

      SSS: Blissberry Amen Brutha

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