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Our Girls

**We will be on milk test for the 2023-2024 Fall-Spring Kidding Season**

Does are listed in order of age and the number freshening they are will be listed in each does respective boxes. Udder photos for first fresheners will be posted in the upcoming kidding season, all doe pictures are typically updated in the Spring. 

Flying Feets R Spider Lilly


DOB: 3/19/23

Possible 1st Freshener in 2024

D: Flying Feets SAP Mizuwari

DD: Flying Feets HB Hot Toddy

DS: Flying Feets WP Sapporo

S: Ilenesrascals Rowan
SS: TX Twincreeks RM Watermark  +B VVV 86

SD: Ilenes Rascals Tiger Lily

Crescent Ranch American Honey


DOB: 5/3/23

Possible 1st Freshener in 2024

D: TUA Farms BB Dipped In Honey
DD: GCH TUA Farms Song ofthe Honey Bee 7*M VVVE 91

DS: TUA Farms Bold N Brazen *B

S: Crescent Ranch BL Stormbreaker

SD: Utterly Blessed Pieces O Eight VEE+ 87
SS: GCH Hidden Palms L Blue Lotus +*B VVE 89

Flying Feets DQ Parisian Dream


DOB: 11/22/23

Possible 1st Freshener in 2024

D: Flying Feets HB Cora Pearl
DD: Flying Feets HB Pearl De Vere

DS: Agape's Prize French Kiss*B

S: Agape's Prize Damascus Cquinn *B

SD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Scarlet Rose *M VEVE 90
(2018 ADGA National Champion)
SS: Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn +*B

Extended Pedigree
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