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Crescent Ranch AB Khione

**Khione is here on lease for 2023**

Dam: Castle Rock Firn 2*M VVEE 90
DD: SGCH AGS CRF Castle Rock Blizzard 1*M VEEE 91
DDD: AGS Castle Rock Snowfluryceanothus

DDS: AGS Lost Valley KW Stetson +B

DS: Castle Rock Moonraker +*B

DSD: CH CRF Castle Rock Moon River EEEE 91
DSS: SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage +*B

Sire: Cascade Valley TD Apollo's Bow *B VVV 86 1-06
SD: Miniprints Juna 3*M (88 VVEV)
SDD:  Fairlea Min Freyia 2*M, ( 90 VEEE)

SDS: CRF Castle Rock Tiger Moon +*B

SS: Stayawhile B Tactical Decision *B

SSD: SG Hidden Gems GK Southern Charm 2*M (91 EEEV)
SS: Stayawhile CR I Got Your Black *B

Photos of Miniprints Juna and Cascade Valley TD Felicitas (Apollo littermate sister) courtesy of Cascade Valley Heritage Farm. Picture of Firn are courtesy of Oak Apple Farm, Firn's udder photos courtesy of Twin Pears LLC

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