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Crescent Ranch FD Best Of Luck

D: Crescent Ranch AB Lucky Streak
DD: Twin Pears SMKY Lucky Stripe 3*M VVVE 88 2-09
DDD: Oak Apple Lily Pons 2*M EEEV 90
DDS: Springwater HKY Pack A Day +*B +EE 87 

DS: Cascade Valley TD Apollo's Bow *B VVV 86 1-06

DSD: Miniprints Juna 3*M (88 VVEV)
DSS: Stayawhile B Tactical Decision *B

S: Cuatlilredbarn Fuddy Duddy
SD: SGCH Old Mountain Farm Shy Elk 5*M EEEE 92 (2018 reserve National Champion, 1st place and 1st udder 4 yr old at 2017 nationals, 2022 Nationals 1st place aged doe)
SDD: SG Old Mountain Farm Mila Quinn​ 1*M
SDS: Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk

SS: CH CUatLilRedBarn Fred VEE 90

SSD: GCH CUatLilRedBarn Abby 1*M EEEE 91

SSS: Wood Bridge Farm Winter Storm

Photos of Miniprints Juna and Cascade Valley TD Felicitas (Apollo littermate sister) courtesy of Cascade Valley Heritage Farm

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