If you are interested in a kid from us, use the form on the kidding schedule or farrowing schedule to add your name and contact info to our wait list. At this time we require no deposit to be added to our list so there is no hard commitment to purchasing a kid until the kid is born. At the time the kid you desire is born and available, we will contact you within three days. At that time a $100 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold the kid for you and we can schedule a pick up date. If we do not hear back from you within 24 hours of notification, then we will move onto the next person on our list. This deposit will only be refunded if we cannot fill your reservation due to our own retaining or in cases of  injury, ilness,  defect or death of the kid while on our premises. 

If you wish to purchase a bottle baby, please inform us upon our birth notification to you so that we can give your kid the best possible chance at taking a bottle. After a certain length of time, it becomes difficult to transition a kid from mom to a bottle. We will not sell more than two bottle kids to one household unless the buyer is an experienced bottle feeder. Bottle feeding can be difficult if it is new to you so we just want to make sure our customers are as well equipped as possible. This is why we also make sure to give our new-to-goats friends a "how to" session on proper bottle feeding as well as provide a packet describing our tips and tricks for bottle feeding kids to provide further guidance.

If you choose to let your new kid be dam raised, the kid will not be ready for pick up until at least eight weeks of age (preferable up to 12 weeks). Bottle kids will be allowed to leave the premises at approximately 2 to 3 weeks of age depending on how well they are doing with their bottle feedings as well as the experience level of the purchaser. Other arrangements can be made on a case by case basis. Any reserved kid must be paid in full at the time of pickup. If we do not hear from you by the arranged date of pickup, we will move onto the next person on the list.

No goats will be sold to homes that do not already have goats unless more than one goat is purchased. Goats require goat companionship and so this is something that is non-negotiable. We are always happy to set you up with a wether companion (at a small cost) for your new kid if you do not have goats yet. 

Wethers will not be banded before 12 weeks of age, at this time you are welcome to bring your kid back to us for banding or you can have a person of your choice perform the banding or castration.  We
do not sell breeding pairs as we feel this sets new goat owners up for failure. If you already own both male and female goats, then we do have other options available that can be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

All kids will be sold with their ADGA registration unless purchasing a wether. Male kids will only be sold with registration paperwork if being purchased as a buck.
All bucks and does will be tattooed and disbudded. Kids purchased after three weeks of age will receive CDT vaccination at appropriate ages (four weeks and eight weeks).

We can assist you in finding transportation for your kid if needed but you as the buyer are responsible for any transportation costs/vet checks/certificates, etc that are required. When an animal needs a CVI (certificate of veterinary inspection), we do not charge any additional fees, we only ask that you cover the cost of the CVI ($70).
If your animal needs to cross state lines, please include this $70 when paying the purchase price of your animal. We are happy to work with outside transporters - we personally love and recommend Amy Sporna with 5 Star Livestock Transport or Brian and Kayla Gorman with Blarney Heights Livestock Transportation. We have also had pleasant exchanges with and can recommend Nigerian Dwarf Goat Express Transportation as well. At this time, we do not fly kids out but if you are interested in going through this process with us, we are happy to help - the costs associated with flying (crate/supplies/flight/etc) are the responsibility of the buyer.

If an animal is found to have a congenital or genetic defect that would disqualify them from the show ring (with exception to height - see below), or prevent that animal from breeding, with medical evidence of such a defect, from a licensed veterinarian and/or accredited veterinary medical teaching hospital, a replacement animal will be offered. Replacements will be from the current or next available breeding season based upon availability. We do our best to breed for animals that fall below the maximum height allowance as set forth by ADGA
however we cannot guarantee the height of mature bucks or does.

We fully ensure that our animals are healthy when they leave the farm, however, since shipping and transportation can be stressful we cannot provide a guarantee beyond their departure. When the animal is picked up, whether by you or your choice in transport, remaining payment (including payment for CVI if applicable) must be paid in full. Please contact us if you need help arranging your payments. 
We do not share any of your personal information with anyone.

You are also welcome to make payments on your animal at any point up until the date of pick up if you so choose. All sales are final. By purchasing a kid from us, you are agreeing to all info listed above.


Accepted Payment Methods

- Venmo
- PayPal

- Cash

A note about wethers:

So let's talk about wethers... Wethers are neutered male goats. There are three ways to wether your goat: burdizzo, banding, or surgical castration. The latter of the three is performed only by a vet. I don't practice the burdizzo method but have heard both sides as far as the reliability of this method goes. If you are interested in learning more about the burdizzo, here is a link that gives more information:

My preferred method of castration is by banding. We use a tool called a castration bander and bands that fit onto this tool. You use the tool to stretch the band over and around the testicles and in 4 to 6 weeks they should fall off. 


Wethers make incredible pets with none of the mess of an intact buck. 

Wethers make incredible pets, often likened to that of a family dog. The trouble with wethering male goats is that if it's done too young, they are at a higher risk of obstruction due to urinary calculi. Urinary calculi are deposits that build up in the urethra and prevent your wether from peeing. This build up can cause his bladder to rupture and ultimately death if not treated immediately. Waiting until 12 - 16 weeks allows for further development of the urethra and reduces your risk of urethral obstruction due to these deposits. This is not a guarantee that your wether will never urinary calculi, but studies show that delayed castration reduces the risk of blockage. We will not castrate any wethers before 12 weeks of age.

The number one way to prevent urinary calculi is to make sure that your wether gets a balanced diet. Ensuring that he is getting a 2 to 1 calcium to phosphorous ratio (up to a 4:1 ratio) in his diet goes a long way to preventing these buildups. Unfortunately, once a wether has gotten urinary calculi once, it is likely to happen again so addressing the management and dietary needs of your wether from the beginning is best. We are happy to speak with you about any specific feeding requirements you may have and questions about any additional supplements you'd like to offer your wether.

The second way to help prevent these buildups is by taking preventative measures. You can give ammonium chloride to your wether once a month for five days. Ammonium chloride can be given in a drench (preferably mixed with juice) or used as a top dress on feed. The pulse dose method has proven more efficient than daily feeding as when fed beyond seven days, there proved to be a drop in the pH balance of the urine (signaling reduced effectiveness).

***Does and intact bucks can ALSO get urinary calculi. Does have shorter urethras and can pass them much more easily, but bucks can have the same problems as wethers.