Senior Does

**All does will be on milk test for the 2020/2021 Fall-Spring Kidding Season**

Udder photos will be posted in the upcoming kidding season, doe pictures will be updated in the Spring. 

Utterly Blessed
Pieces O Eight (VEE+ 87)


D: Castle Rock Penny Saved 2*M

S: Wood Bridge Farm Sweet Justice

Pony Souls Procession (VVV+ 87)


D: Redstone La Catrina 7*M (86 VEE+)
S: Redstone Pony Boy *B

Owlhaven SW Amaranth


D: Owlhaven MH Sugarland 3*M (87 VEVV)

S: GCH Algedi Farm JD Shotgun Wedding +*B 

HH Patty Cake 1*M (VEEV 90)


Photo of Patty courtesy of Bellafire Farm

D: Alethia MH Peekaboo Darlin

S: Poppy Patch Honey IMA Hottie *B (VEE 88)

Quaking Canopy
Pyrocumulus (VVV+ 85)


D: Castle Rock Tsunamie 3*M (90 VVVE)
S: Castle Rock Port Sunlight *B (89 VEE )

Curbstone Valley
O Wild Peach (VVVV 87)


D: 3G Family Farm WM Carambola 4*M (+VVV 86)

S: Curbstone Valley AD Oracle *B

Tessa's Menagerie
She Said Yes 1*M (VEEE 90)


D: Tessa's Menagerie HW Maizie (VVEV 88)
S: Alethia JD Bachelor Party +*B (VEE 87)

FIN Ancient Fable 2*M (VEEV 88)


D: SG The TMS Bedtime Story 1*M ELITE (87 VEEV)

S: SG Stayawhile KJ Finale +*B

Circle C Farm
CC Bit O Honey 4*M (VEVV 88)


D: Diji Farm FC Lil' Miss Sumpn' 3*M (EEEV 89)

S: Stayawhile HC Cruz Control *B (VEE 88)