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Senior Does

**We will be on milk test for the 2023-2024 Fall-Spring Kidding Season**

Udder photos will be posted in the upcoming kidding season, doe pictures will be updated in the Spring. 

Stayawhile FIN Ancient Fable 2*M
VVEE 90 (3-07)


D: SG The TMS Bedtime Story 1*M ELITE 87  VEEV

S: SG Stayawhile KJ Finale +*B

Ashabi Farms Maskcherade
VVVV 86 (3-00)

(here on lease)


D: Lavenderwood EC Belles Willow

S: Lavenderwood Lil' Deuce Coupe

Crescent Ranch AB Love Child


D: Tessa's Menagerie She Said Yes *M VEEE 90

S: Cascade Valley TD Apollo's Bow *B

Lil Miss B Haven WM Charmed 4*M 
VVVE 88 (2-07)


D: Lil Miss B Haven Bewitched 3*M

S: TX Twincreeks RM Watermark +B VVV 86

Lil Miss B Haven Solomonsmagic


D: Lil Miss B Haven Bewitched 3*M

S: Agape's Prize Sulaymaan Quinn +*B

Flying Feets HB Cora Pearl


D: Flying Feets HB Pearl De Vere

S: Agape's Prize French Kiss *B

Circle C Farm CC Bit O Honey 4*M
VEVV 88 (2-00) ELITE


D: Diji Farm FC Lil' Miss Sumpn' 3*M EEEV 89

S: Stayawhile HC Cruz Control *B VEE 88

Crescent Ranch AB Khione


D: Castle Rock Firn 2*M VVEE 90

S: Cascade Valley TD Apollo's Bow *B

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