TUA Farm FD IMA Megapixel

All photos are courtesy of TUA Farms with exception to Pixel's udder photos

D: TUA Farms HB IMA Dilly 3*M
DD: Almar Acres HS IMA Jewel Thief 2*M
DDD: Almar Acres AC IMA Drama Queen 1*M

DDS: Dragonfly HB Holy Smokes!
DS: SG Dill’s B&R Hillybilly Bone +*B

DSD: SGCH Dill's BF Glamour (VEEE 91)
DSS: SG Dill's RD Big & Rich ++*B Elite

S: TUA SP Flash Drive *B

SD: GCH Oak Apple Greta Go Girl 2*M (VEEE 90)
SDD: SG Piddlin Acres W Taboo 1*M (VEEE 90)
SDS: Proctor Hill Farm To Go Daddy +B (EEE 92)
SS: Old Mountain Farm Stag Party +*B
SSD: NC Promisedland MG Mizi 1*M
SSS:  Old Mountain Farm Stag +B