Utterly Blessed Pieces O Eight

**DNA on File**

D: Castle Rock Penny Saved 2*M
DD: SGCH AGS CRF Castle Rock Penny Wise 1*M (90 VVEE)
DDD: AGS Castle Rock Moneypenny
DDS: CRF Castle Rock Guy Noir ++*B
DS: SG Castle Rock Bentley +*B
DSD: SG AGS Lost Valley TB Infinity 1*M
DSS: The Rosasharn TL Sitka Spruce ++*B

S: Wood Bridge Farm Sweet Justice 
SD: CH Wood Bridge Farm Well Honeybun (90 EVEE)
SDD: CH AGS Sugar Creek PT Ring-Neck Dove (88 VEVV)
SDS: AGS Buttin Heads Sonic Hero
SS: Atwood Acres LC Harrison
SSD: SGCH AGS Rebell Yell Liberty (90 VEEV)
SSS: CH Atwood Acres FT Cyclone (88 VEV)

We purchased Pieces O Eight "Cora" very early into our adventure (July 2019), before we had even an inkling about performance programs. She was already six years old and had never been appraised or put on test. After seeing her udder after our first kidding with her (December 2019) and witnessing her will to milk (2+ lbs per milking!), I knew that milk test needed to be in her future! We signed up for LA in 2020 but we, like many others, never got the opportunity to follow through due to COVID.

At this time, milk test was still a possibility for Cora and something I was still looking forward to figuring out. We had no official measurement of her production and I was excited to get my "old lady" some data behind her - something I felt that she deserved. Unfortunately, milk test wasn't in her plans either. Shortly before kidding this October, Cora suffered an injury to her udder. Cora, however, has earned her place here and won't be leaving our farm any time soon!